Old Lightroom Import Makes a Comeback

There’s some great news for all of you who were not happy with the latest updates to Lightroom CC 2015 / Lightroom 6 and the new Import that replaced the one we have used for years. Adobe are bringing it back. After listening to so many users complaining about the new Import dialogue box in

Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.2 & Lightroom 6.2 released

Adobe has announced that Lightroom CC 2015.2 and Lightroom 6.2 become now available for update. Update applies to both subscription-based Lightroom CC and a standalone Lightroom 6. Lightroom CC subscribers are getting a new feature that is only available on Lightroom CC (not Lightroom 6) – Dehaze as a local adjustment in the Adjustment Brush,

Create Custom Signature Brush in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered how to quickly apply a watermark to your images? Instead of typing some text and customising it with some Layer Styles like Bevel & Emboss, you could just create your own custom signature brush in Photoshop. That’s what have decided to record for you as a video tutorial, as part of

6 Reasons for Buying a CSC Camera

Until recently, CSC cameras (or mirrorless cameras as they’re also known) were thought of being much worse and not compared to DSLR cameras. However, recent improvements in CSC cameras (CSC – Compact System Cameras) saw them become a serious competition for DSLRs. So what I want to share with you are some reasons why you

Master Photoshop by Video

Ever been stuck with a photo or image that’s just not right? Not quite the way you’d like it? Or needs to be perfect? You may want to change or add any of the following: picture size. Composition. Colours. Cropping. Contrast. Shading. Special effects. Caption. Text. And maybe more. The simplest solution is image editing