JPEGmini Photoshop Extension Available

The software company behind JPEG mini, Beamr, has made avilable an extension to Adobe Photoshop. JPEGmini is an image compression package, which works in a way that it analyses parts of the image, sectors, and applies different amounts of compression to different sections of the image, accordingly to the content of the image. The creators

Getty Images Files Complaint against Google

Getty Images have filed a complaint against Google in European Union Competition Comission. Getty Images claim that Google by showing all images in their search results are allowing people to preview and even download high resolution images (sometimes coming from online stock libraries like Getty) without even users coming into their websites. Getty claim that

How to Create Multi-Page PDFs in Adobe Bridge

Hello everyone, I think it is time I have revisited one of my most popular videos on YouTube: Create PDF Documents with Adobe Bridge. Now, it’s time to create a new version, isn’t it? Many people have enjoyed this video and have been asking questions about creating PDFs, especially Multi-Page PDFs, in Adobe Bridge CC.