Time to Ditch Your DSLR for Fuji X-E1?

Is it time to ditch your DSLR camera? Maybe. It depends on what you use your camera for. In the last few years, a new camera system appeared – mirrorless cameras. I wrote about it recently, here’s the post if you haven’t read it: Fuji Makes a Comeback with X-Series! So what I want to

Apple stops developing Aperture

Apple announced that it’s stopping development of their Lightroom-equivalent for photographers – Aperture. Apple are introducing Photos application to their next version of Mac OS X, which together with iCloud Photo will enable users to store their images in the iCloud and access them in Photos application from wherever they are. This might be great

Fuji Makes a Comeback with X-Series!

Fuji has been very well known for their films for many years. I still remember using Fuji Superia and Fuji Velvia when shooting film. This was so long ago… Since the digital era started, Fuji hasn’t played any major role. All focus was on Canon and Nikon…. and now Samsung and Sony. But Fuji found

Photoshop Elements 12 out

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 is  out. Photoshop Elements 12, which was released alongside its video-centric Premiere Elements, is the latest version of Adobe’s consumer-friendly photo editing software. One of the great new features in Photoshop Elements 12 is Elements Mobile Albums, which takes advantage of Adobe’s Revel technology, which uses cloud storage to allow you

Why you need to sharpen your images

Did you notice that since the invention of digital cameras (or at least DSLR cameras) you need to sharpen all (or almost all) of your images? That’s because of low-pass filters on cameras (sometimes called anti-aliasing filters as well). One of the main reasons why low-pass filters (or anti-aliasing filters) are used on digital cameras