Rounded corners on the top…?

Hello and welcome, Quite an intriguing topic today. That’s actually one of the questions I have recently received, so I thought I would create a video on that. The question was: ” I liked your video on creating rounded corners on images for use on the web. How can I create rounded corners just on

Lens Flare Effect with Photoshop

Hello everyone, Let’s talk some special effects today. Have you ever wondered how to add this special effect with lens flare on the image? Here’s what I’m talking about: Lens Flare filter adds a very interesting effect and you can easily customise it. You can easily change the position of the filter and the effect

Episode 49 of Photoshop Lightroom TV

Hello hello! Welcome again or welcome for the first time! 🙂 Today, a reminder for you about the latest episode of Photoshop Lightroom TV. This is Episode 49, so it’s been almost a year since it started! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year… 😉 This week I have an exciting tutorial

Photoshop Exchange Celebrates Over 10,000 Submissions!

Have you ever used Adobe Exchange? If not, I’ll explain. Most people I meet at my Adobe Certified courses have never used, often never heard of, Adobe Exchange. Adobe Exchange is the place to go to access hundreds of plug-ins, templates, presets for anything adobe. Every adobe products has its own unique place on Adobe